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Branchless Banking

Branchless Banking (BLB) is means of providing banking services without setting up bank branch i.e. providing banking services by an agent of the bank. The bank has started its BLB operation from Jestha 30, 2069 at Matiyani of Mahottari District after taking approval from Nepal Rastra Bank. This service will help to penetrate the banking without the physical existence of bank. Read More

Citizens Bank M-Bank is a SMS based mobile banking that allows you to Use banking facility anytime and anywhere through your own mobile phone. The customers can either use plain text based SMS or Menu driven application to use M-Bank Services. Read More
Privilege Banking

Citizens Privilege Banking” is an honored banking service proposed to customers who deserve special attention. For this purpose, a separate “Privilege Counter” will be provided in all the branches of the bank (presently operated only from Kamaladi branch). Customers will be able to enjoy Dedicated Service Area, Priority Service and Special Privileges making their banking experience with Citizens Bank truly special. Read More
Citizens Remit

Citizens Remit, a premium online customer focused and technology oriented Money Transfer product is brought to you by Citizens Bank International Limited (CBIL), the leading bank of Nepal. Citizens Remit is a state of art web-based money transfer system. It is easily accessible through our main web domain . Read More
Dollar Card

Citizens Visa Dollar Debit Card is accepted in all Visa network Terminals all over the world. This Card can be issued to Nepalese citizens as well as Foreign Nationals having USD account maintained at Citizens Bank and Nepalese citizens travelling abroad (other than India), who are eligible to get dollar exchange facility as per Nepal Rastra Bank. Read More
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