September.23, 2020
Porwal Gahana Ghar & Shushila Kumari Pururwar and Pradeep Porwal- 15 days auction notice
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September.16, 2020
7 days auction notice
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September.13, 2020
General Notice
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September.10, 2020
All Branch Details
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July.01, 2020
Cash Back Notice
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June.01, 2020
Annual General Meeting
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April.28, 2020
Interim Financial Statements of Fiscal Year 2076/77 (3rd Quarter)
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March.20, 2020
Press Release (COVID - 19)
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March.12, 2020
Hari Kumar Kusule- 15 days auction notice (हरि कुमार कुसुले - १५ दिन लिलामी सूचना)
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February.07, 2020
NBA (Non-Banking Assets)- 15 days auction notice
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February.06, 2020
Hari Kumar Kusule- 15 days auction notice
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January.24, 2020
Visa Card Cashback
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January.19, 2020
Notice for Website for Dormant Accounts of 10 Years Old 2076
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December.30, 2019
Porwal Gahana Ghar- 15 days auction notice
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December.18, 2019
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December.15, 2019
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Bikram Jabegu, Dil Bahadur Rai and Rajkumar Singh/Urmila Chand- 15 days auction notice
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November.10, 2019
Vacancy Advertisement
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November.10, 2019
Right to Information Notice as of Ashwin end 2076
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November.10, 2019
Pradip Parajuli- 15 days auction notice
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October.22, 2019
Devendra Kumar Bhujel/Rusma Bhandari- 15 days auction notice
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October.03, 2019
Holiday Counter Notice
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September.13, 2019
Janakpur Bakhra Palan- 15 days auction notice
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September.12, 2019
Contact Number at India for inability to transact at ATM/POS
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September.06, 2019
13th AGM Notice
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September.04, 2019
Super Rice Mill- 15 days auction notice
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ATM Notice
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Non-Banking Assets(NBA)- 7 days auction notice
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Amardeep Guragain/ Anju Guragain- 7 days auction notice
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May.12, 2019
Right to information Notice As per Chaitra end 2075
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April.23, 2019
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April.16, 2019
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March.03, 2019
Visa Cash Back End
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February.04, 2019
Right to information notice as per Poush end 2075
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February.02, 2019
Core Banking System Migration
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February.01, 2019
E- Banking Notice
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February.01, 2019
Dormant Account Since Ten Years or More
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January.17, 2019
Citizens VISA Card CASHBACK offer
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December.24, 2018
AGM Notice and Summarized Annual Financial Statement FY 2074/75
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July.23, 2018
Cash Back End Notice
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July.02, 2018
Notice regarding renew of DMAT
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November.28, 2017
Cash Payment Notice
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Citizens Express Banking is the internet based service offered by Citizens Bank to its valued customer. It can be sign-on anytime, anywhere. All it need is Internet access to enjoy complete, secure banking-24 hours a day. Citizens Express banking  uses dual factor authentication with feature of OTP(one time Password) for transactions.
Click here for Internet Banking  login

Features of Citizens Express Banking

  • Account Statement with graphical representation
  • Interest Statement
  • Tax Statement
  • Internal Fund Transfer
  • Inter Bank Fund Transfer through Fonepay and Connect IPS 
  • Electricity/Airlines/Internet/Demat/MeroShare/TV/Education Fees/Water Bill payment
  • Wallet load
  • Mobile Top-up, utility bill payment
  • Credit Card Bill payment
  • FD request


Transaction Limit



Per Txn Limit

Per Day Limit

Per month Limit


Fund Transfer

  Rs. 1,000,000 

  Rs. 1,000,000 

  Rs. 50,000,000 


Merchant Bill Payment

  Rs. 1,000,000 

  Rs. 1,000,000 

  Rs. 30,000,000 


Load Wallet

  Rs. 25,000 

  Rs. 100,000 

  Rs. 500,000 


Fees and Charges


Registration Charge

Renewal Charge

For Individual Accounts



For Corporate/institutional






Password Regeneration fee




Inter Bank Fund transfer

IBFT Charge


Charge Slab


Rs.  100     to Rs.  1000

Rs. 10

Rs.  1001   to Rs.  10000

Rs. 20

Rs.  10001 to Rs.  20000

Rs. 30

Rs.  20001 to Rs.  30000

Rs. 40

Rs.  30001 to Rs.  40000

Rs. 50

Rs.  40001 to Rs.  50000

Rs. 60

Rs.  50001 to Rs.  100000

Rs. 75


Connect IPS Charge


Charge Slab


Up to 500

Rs. 2

Above 500 to 5,000

Rs.  5

Above   5,000  to 50,000

Rs. 10

Above  50,000

Rs. 15


Citizens Corporate Express Banking

Citizens Corporate Express Banking is one of the best solution for the online banking needs of the corporate clients. It is an internet based services that allows execution of critical bank transactions instantly from any location 24/7 and offers multiple non-transactional service

Features of Citizens Corporate Express Banking:

  1. View Account Information
  2. View Account Statements
  3. User Management
  4. Initiate Batch Transaction
  5. Initiate Load Wallet Transaction
  6. Interbank fund Transfer
  7. Initiate Salary Transaction
  8. Employee Management


Do’s and Don’ts of Ebanking

Our password maybe vigilant, cautious and make security a priority. In doing So, you will eliminate the threats of cybercrime and enjoy a safe online environment. Common measures that one should practice to enjoy safe e-Banking experiences are as follows:


  • Make sure you keep your password and account login information in a safe and secure place. Never share this information with anyone through an email.
  • Always visit Citizens Bank e-Banking site through the URL directly (or) through Citizens Bank's home page
  • Use your USER ID and Password only at the authenticated login page.
  • Before using your USER ID and Password, please ensure that the page displayed is an https:// page and not in https:// page Please also look for the lock sign at the right bottom of the browser and the certificate from the verification authorities.
  • Do Check your account statement regularly and ensure that it is correct in every respect. In case of your discrepancies, immediately contact to the Bank.
  • Update your PC with latest anti-virus and spyware software regularly.
  • Do report any erroneous entries to Bank immediately if you observe any discrepancy.
  • We recommend that a suitable firewall may be installed in your PC to protect the contents from outsiders on the internet.
  • Always completely log off your online banking website. Don't simply close the webpage.
  • Rules for passwords
  • Should not be same as the customer code.
  • Should be minimum 6-character long.
  • Should be alphanumeric and combination of
  • Alphabet (a-z, A-Z)
  • Number (0-9)
  • Special characters. (~!@#$%^&*()_-=+}{][:;"'<>?,./)
  • Should not have same First and Second passwords.
  • Should change both First and Second passwords at least once in every 90 days or earlier.


  • Do not provide any information on a page which might have come up as a pop-up window.
  • Never Provide your password over the phone or in response to an unsolicited request over e-mail/Instant Always remember that information like password/PIN etc. is strictly confidential and are not known even to employees/service personal of the Bank. You should therefore, never divulge such information even if asked for.
  • Don't do transactions like banking on a public computer/computer you're not familiar with (such as computers at cyber cafe).
  • Don't disclose personal information which includes: Telephone Number, Bank Details and Physical Address, unless you know who is collecting the information, why they are collecting it and how they will use it.
  • Don't give payment information to businesses you don't know or trust.

Don't give your password or payment information to anyone online - not even your Internet Service Provider(ISP).